“Change Capacity enabled us to implement a complex system across three campuses. This was achieved by creating the internal capacity to understand and lead the change. Our system implementation was awarded the top implementation in Africa” – Senior Manager in the Education Sector

"As experts in the financial industry we've never been empowered to manage and drive change. This programme enabled the Executive Team to lead and manager successful change in our industry. We've achieved more in two sessions than we were able to achieve in three years." - Executive in the Financial Services Industry

"The change management approach of Change Capacity made the difference between success and failure in our organisation – their approach has been well researched and equipped our managers with the competencies required to manage change effectively. Our resistance to change was dealt with professionally and the people were accelerated towards performance." - HR Project Manager in Banking Sector

"The Change Capacity approach supported the leadership team and employees through a very difficult stage of this company’s history. Their approach and methodology is professional and simple. The Change Capacity team supported this business to ensure successful change" - Managing Director, Division of Multi-national Construction giant.

"We spent millions on new technology and systems but did not know how to ensure optimal return on this investment. The Change Capacity project team created capacity at all levels resulting in our company physically experiencing the returns on our investment. The IT company did not provide us with the support we required - the Change Capacity project team enabled us to demand the support we required to facilitate successful change - Managing Director, Division of Multi-national Construction giant.

"We spent two and a half years attempting to facilitate a successful acquisition. After two days we achieved more than in the past and we were on track towards the achievement of our goal. The acquisition has been successful, and the cultural integration process resulted in low turnover and committed people. Change Capacity supported the leadership team and employees to take ownership of the change and we felt a sense of achievement once successful. " - COO, Financial Institution