Managing Change

Managing Change, Change Capacity Solutions
Managing Change, Change Capacity Solutions

The Change Capacity programme is run in partnership with the University of Pretoria.
We offer a three-day and five-day programme where we enable managers to plan and implement successful change. Organisations that run in-house programmes have the benefit of using their actual change as the business case during the development process with immediate return on the development investment.

The comprehensive programme covers the following:

  • Understanding the challenges of managers in change
  • Requirements for successful change
  • The reality of change - a suggested model
  • Choosing the Leadership Team to guide the change
  • Define the nature and extent of the change
  • Considerations for high-level change
  • Understanding the pressure for change - creating a sense of urgency
  • Formulating the change vision (target state)
  • Dealing with resistance to change at leadership level
  • Critical success factors and change objectives
  • Stakeholder analysis and plan
  • Change Risk management and plan
  • Organisational change communication
  • Strategic alignment - key requirement for change
  • Planning change - ensuring resource capacity at all levels
  • Leading the change – applying suitable leadership strategies and approaches to ensure successful change
  • Dealing with resistance to change at various levels
  • Managing the change project (optional)
  • Ensuring individual transitions at team levels
  • Anchoring the change