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Change Management Programmes, Change Capacity Solutions

International benchmarking reports on change management highlights that the primary reason for change failure is resistance to change, while the secondary reason is the inability of managers to deal with resistance to change. Benchmarking also highlights the three major barriers to successful change implementation as:

  • Inadequate change management competence
  • Lack of leadership/management visibility and support
  • Resistance to change

Managers and employees are consistently reminded that "change is the only constant" and that "without change growth and sustainability in unlikely".

Yet our extensive experience in change management interventions confirms the fact that organisations are doing very little to ensure a cadre of competent managers to physically manage change. Our project teams support and enable managers at all levels to take accountability and responsibility for successful change outcomes. We are flexible in the application of our change model in organisations in various industries. Managers and their teams drive successful change outcomes - NOT the change consultants.

Dr Lombard researched and developed a unique set of competencies that will enable managers on all levels to achieve the following:

  • Develop individualised strategies and plans to deal with employee resistance to change.
  • Build internal capacity in organisations to manage their change processes successfully.
  • Ensure that managers at all levels achieve the 19 successful change requirements as benchmarked internationally
  • Develop proactive strategies and plans fostering a culture of bottom-up change and innovation in teams

This intervention has been researched in two top organisations in South Africa characterised by continuous change. The impact of the intervention was also tested and implemented in various industries in South Africa and in six first-world countries.

Change Management Programme

The Change Capacity programme is run in partnership with the University of Pretoria. We offer a three-day and five-day programme where we enable managers to plan and implement successful change. Organisations that run in-house programmes have the benefit of using their actual change as the business case during the development process with immediate return on the development investment. Read more...

Change Management Programme for First-Line Managers

Research emphasised the importance of empowered and accountable first-line managers to ensure successful change. Read more...

Change Resilience - Coping with Change

At Change Capacity we also support individuals to be resilient and effective during the change process. We offer a half-day intervention that focus on. Read more...